Dominica’s annual Independence celebration is one of our major festivals, with activities taking place all over the island.

Independence activities usually begin about mid-September and continue right through to National Day on the 3rd of November and National Day of Community Service on the 4th of November.

Activities mainly take the form of islandwide competitions in many of the folk performing arts, including traditional dances like the Bèlè, Quadrille, Flirtation, Heel and Toe, Mazook and Waltz. There are also competitions in bamboo flute, jing-ping music, string band, patwa song, creative dance, short story writing, art and poetry.

Special highlights during the Independence celebrations include the Finals of the folk competitions, Heritage Day in a particular community, Creole Day on the last Friday in October, the Miss Wob Dwiyèt Competition, Creole in the Park, the World Creole Music Festival and the National Day itself with the Parade of Uniformed Groups and the Cultural Gala.

The Independence celebrations usually have a special theme and Dominicans take special pride in dressing up in their national wear which comprise the Wob Dwiyèt and Jip for the ladies and for the men - white shirt, black pants and red sash with either madras waistcoats, a madras band over the shoulder or a madras jacket.

Dominica gained its Independence from Britain on 3rd November 1978.

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