Village Feasts and Special Occasions

Village/Community Village Feast and Special Occasions Date Celebrated
Anse de Mai St. Peter July
Atkinson St. Dominique August
Atkinson Waraka Sewinal Festival December
Bagatelle St. Peter July
Bagatelle Pork Festival May
Bellevue Chopin Bellevue Village Feast October
Bioche St. Peter July
Boetica Chapel Feast First Sunday in October
Calibishie St. Peter July
Castle Bruce Village Feast August
Cockrane Village Fair November
Colihaut St. Peter June
Cottage St. Anthony June
Coulibistrie St. Ann July
Delices Chapel Feast First Sunday in October
Dublanc St. Peter July
Fond St. Jean St. Peter July
  1. Flower Show
  2. Feast of our Lady of Perpetual Help
Grand Bay Isidore Pentecost Monday
Grand Fond Feast of St. Joseph May Day
Kalinago Territory Carib Week September
Laudat St. Ann August Monday
Mahaut St. Ann July
Massacre St. Ann July
Mero St. John Newman January
Morne Jaune Chapel Feast October
Morne Prosper Feast of the Holy Family Easter Monday
Newtown St. Peter July
Petite Savanne Fete Chapel September
Pointe Michel La Salette September
  1. St. Peter
  2. Fete Marin Grand Anse
Riviere Cyrique Chapel Feast October
Salisbury St. Theresa October
Salybia Immaculate Mary December
San Sauveur St. Isidore Pentecost Monday
Scotts Head St. Peter Mid July
Soufriere St. Luke Mid February
St. Joseph St. Gerard October
Tete Morne Baker’s Feast August Monday
Toucarie St. Anthony June
Wotten Waven Christ the King Last Sunday in October

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