Darius David

Born in Dominica in the year 1928, Darius started artistic activities at the tender age of ten, and was encouraged by the headmaster of his school to continue honing his craft. At the age of 22, he did his first oil painting on canvas and he described his painting as outgoing, with a presence of historical subjects such as the Old Hillsborough Bridge, the Dawbiney Market, people in cultural or religious activities and landscapes. Darius worked through inspiration. In addition to this he said a little prayer before starting each painting, which explained why his work has had such great success worldwide.

Darius was a master of art and one of his notable works is painting which hangs in the palace of Queen Elizabeth. The story behind this painting is that the range and measurements for the painting were given to Darius over the telephone. Using the description he created the painting which was an exact match to the scene described to him. He was able to produce a masterpiece with just words and canvas dimensions.

In 1965 and 1972, he received prizes for his work. Before he passed away he enjoyed painting, reading, evening walks, meeting people and making friends. He was considered by many in the art community and those who knew him as the “Grand Old Man” of Dominican painters.

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